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Private Residence
Brighton, MA

Project: Retaining wall project for urban Single Family

Client: Private Residence

Challenges and Opportunities:
The site contained two single family residences with one common owner. The residences were separated by a failing retaining wall system and 30 feet of steep slopes. DZI took on the scope of replacing the former timber retaining wall systems with a modern two retaining wall system.
The steep slopes and urban location made access very difficult with most of the work completed by hand. Another design obstacle was the owner’s desire to replace the mature trees that existed on site but now needed to be removed with ones that could provide significant screening and view framing they had grown accustom too.

DZI worked very closely with the contractor and owner to phase the wall construction, as walls were completed others were removed. Upon completion of the first retaining wall the large mature trees were brought in and installed. After the trees were installed and the slope stabilized the second wall was completed.

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